Android Dessert 10 experience


Latest experience for your android journey comes to next level. It is not a secret anymore that Google is not going to name it as a dessert. As you had the experience with ICS, JB, and LP names for android operating systems, this is not going to be a dessert name. Google is going to call this operating system, Android 10. Let’s have a look at new things on Android 10 as we know.

How to induce lucid dreaming

Subconscious brain

Many experiences and imaginations are felt by a person within a day. Those things might be hard memories you try to forget or some of the sweetest memories you try to remember by hard. No matter what kind of thing that is, you might have already experienced that thing in a dream. Your subconscious brain try hard to keep those things packed in your brain and release it as a dream. Though that dream is a sweet one or a nightmare, it depends on the content of your subconscious. However the dreams we have are beautiful. Scientists doubt that the dreams are a combination of the reality and the prediction of our future as predicted by the brain. It can be believed some far as we have had similar experinces in the real time as we had experienced in a dream a long time ago. I am so sure that you also might have had this experience.

Latest Applications of the Artificial Intelligence

You must have already heard about the words ‘Artificial Intelligence’. It is the next generation of the life. As we have already discussed about this topic, we are going to talk about few of the applications of Artificial Intelligence. There are many applications from simple to complicated level. You might already know that Netflix, Spotify, and Siri are few of them. So why wait anymore, let’s go ahead!

Alternative Fuel Sources You May See in Near Future


As you already know liquid petroleum is running out of the capacity in the near future which urges people to find alternative fuel sources in the recent future. When looking for a power source there have to be some unique qualities as well. It should be a source which can be easily obtained, environment pollution should be minimum, and there should be a continuous flow of the power source.  So, let’s have a look at the options we may take as the next power source.

Best E-readers to switch from printed books


Phones have started to become everything nowadays, with it being the only thing you need to get by most of your digital activities, and some even beyond that. Happily, this all-in-one but the not-perfect-for-anything approach has seen some new solutions branching out. E-readers, which have always been a niche, is now gaining popularity as a result. Today’s best readers are little discernable from printed books: they have crisp clear text, batteries that last for weeks on end (unlike the phones that rarely have more than a days’ worth of screen time), and a lack of eyesore from backlight. They also have benefits unimaginable with printed books, including waterproofing, massive storage, read-out-loud and the ability to buy any book you want and read it right away.
Here is our picks for the best e-readers money can buy.